The Woody Co. Sunglasses

The Woody Co. Sunglasses

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The Woody Co. sunglasses strive to balance function, aesthetics and the environment. Wood sunglasses are eco-friendly and encompass a certain unique element that is not found in you typical plastic or metal sunglasses.  Wood sunglasses are founded in an innovative and creative thought process, and have a unique take on the design and appearance of sunglasses. Wood sunglasses are not only environmentally friendly, visually appealing and interesting, but also functional. 


Wood sunglasses are created through a manufacturing process utilizing the most highly skilled craftsman to create a timeless fashionable and artistic pair of sunglasses that also serve to shield the eyes from the sun with the highest quality UVA/UVB protection lenses and are perfect for most people with extensive range in lifestyles.  They are the perfect choice for eyewear for everyone from outdoorsmen to the fashion conscious.

We cannot wait to have you wearing a pair of The Woody Co. Sunglasses, and hope you enjoy them as much as we do. 

*Our lenses are standard 1.1mm TAC Polarized lenses with 100% UV400 protection*